The Shadow, The Persona, and the Anima- Unearned Wisdom

The Shadow

The confrontation with the shadow is the first test of courage in the path towards individuation. This confrontation is frightening to most people — recognizing the most unpleasant things about yourself is disconcerting. It is easier for you to project your shadow onto the rest of the world, conceiving of yourself as a truly good person, while reserving the qualities of wretchedness, aggression, hatred, and greed to other people.


The anima is the feminine personality in men, while the animus is the masculine personality in women. For heterosexual men nearing the middle of life, around the age of 35, the loss of the anima can be undertaken without injury to the psyche. In this stage, what is important is for a man to be a man. This is when the individual must free himself from the anima fascination of his mother. But after the middle of life, the permanent loss of the anima restricts vitality, flexibility, and human kindness. This results in premature rigidity, fanatical one-sidedness, stereotypy, or even irresponsibility.



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Sud Alogu

Sud Alogu


I write about ideas that matter to me. In other words, revolutionary.