The Paradox of the Social Animal- Unearned Wisdom

The Social Animal

There is no denying that belonging to a group brings with it many useful skills and knowledge but being too enmeshed in a group prevents us from thinking clearly.

All Problems are Interpersonal Problems

Adler said that all problems are interpersonal problems. If you think about the source of all your anxieties, fears, and pain then you will probably notice a pattern — they all come from people. How we respond to inputs from others makes a difference, and without people, life loses meaning, yet we are constantly victims to the whims of others, and to the mechanistic pathologies of the crowd.


The only way to transcend the common social predicament, whatever it happens to be, is to remove yourself from the group, and in Montaigne’s words, not only from the people themselves, but the collective habits that you have learned, that are self-destructive.

The Trap of Solitude

You should not aim to become like the Underground Man of Dostoevsky, spending decades of your life lamenting your human fate, becoming cynical about people, and refusing to succumb to any social trends. Solitude is an intermittent necessity, not a permanent condition of life.



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Sud Alogu

I write about ideas that matter to me. In other words, revolutionary.